SFJP at South Block

On Tuesday Feb 12 2019, we held a preview of many of the creative responses to the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project at South Block, Glasgow.


The exhibition features poetry written by Jay Whittaker in response to the provocation by ‘sexual infidelity’ case of Drury; illustrations by Rachel Donaldson in response to the aims and ethos of the project; performance art created by Sofia Nakou and Becky O’Brien in response to the Jex-Blake case; photos of Sharon Cowan and Chloë Kennedy taken by Jo Spiller to illustrate the gendered norms of portraiture and in response to the lack of public depictions of women; and two works by Jill Kennedy-McNeill. Jill’s first piece is textile art that uses anamorphosis as a visual metaphor for the central concept of the project – perspective – and her second is a textile-based sculpture that is a response to Salvesen v Riddell, a dispute that led to the suicide of the tenant farmer at the centre of the case.



‘Crime, Victimisation, Violence’ –                ‘To Sophia Jex-Blake’ –

Jill Kennedy-McNeill                                   Sophia Nakou & Becky O’Brien

(photo credit Jean Cameron)                      (photo credit Sarah Hoey)



‘For the Relics’ –                                     ‘A Fair Field and No Favour’ –

Jill Kennedy-McNeill                                Jo Spiller

(photo credit Jean Cameron)                   (photo credit Sarah Hoey)


We were very grateful that many people – some of whom had never heard of the project before – that visited the preview and shared their thoughts with us.




The exhibition runs until Friday Feb 15. If you would like to visit but are unable, we have a future exhibition at Mount Florida studios and gallery in April (24 – 28) and book launches, which will showcase some of the artistic responses, at Glasgow Women’s Library and Lighthouse Books (Edinburgh) in November.