Works-In-Progress Meeting

SFJP Works-in-Progress meeting

On December 14 2017, we held our interim works-in-progress meeting with the majority of our feminist judges and one of our commentators. At the meeting, each judge gave a short overview of the case they are re-writing – its facts, the decision, and the broader context – and indicated the direction in which they anticipate taking their own, feminist judgment. The judge then highlighted particular issues on which they were seeking feedback. The issues ranged from technical, legal points through to how to adopt the appropriate judicial voice whilst retaining authenticity. After this, there was a short period of discussion,

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Exciting news

We are very pleased to announce that we received an Innovation Initiative Grant from the University of Edinburgh to help support the artistic stream of our project:   We’ve also published a short piece outlining the project in SCOLAG, the journal of the Scottish Legal Action Group:

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Theatre workshop

SFJP theatre workshop

On August 29 2017 we were joined by Gavin Crichton and Liz Strange of Active Inquiry, who worked with us to explore two of the Project’s core themes –  judging and feminism – using techniques drawn from the work of Augusto Baol. The idea behind using these techniques was to encourage us to get ‘out of our heads’ and to consider the ways that body imaging might help us explore these core themes and express the perspectives and power dynamics that surround us in various contexts (including when acting as a judge).

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